Presenting ”Come’Achi” – First Indian Commercial Raw ‘A-Cappella’ Performed In Folk Genre

Harmonies Composed & Arranged by : Boy Radge
Vocals Melody Composed by : Boy Radge & Saresh D7 of S.L.Y SQUAD
Concept & Written by : Saresh D7 of S.L.Y SQUAD
Vocals & Backing Harmonies Performed by : Saresh D7 of S.L.Y SQUAD
Beatbox Performed by : Andy of S.L.Y SQUAD
Additional Male Backings Performed by : Boy Radge & Sritharan Pusparajan
Female Backings Performed by : Vanitha Thenarasu & Yogananthani Kanesan
Track Recorded & Supervised by : Boy Radge (Abraham Records)
Label & Copyright Protected by : Simplistic Studio

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